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Solution For Schools

The World Wide Web is one of the most effective communication technologies today. MacSyn InfoTech wanted a world-class product to reflect fully our achievements and reputation as a leading school. We are proved to be an outstanding requirement to our customer. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to provide complete and accurate services to our worldwide customers at the lowest possible cost with faster turnaround-time.

  • A school website can expand opportunities for parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about their child's education.
  • Teachers can use the website to share ideas with other teachers.
  • Websites can greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in school and can help keep parents informed about upcoming exams, activities, and other tips to help their children.
  • Parents can provide feedback to teachers and to the school.
  • As well as using the website for educational means it could also include information on the community and build links between businesses, families, and school. For example, a school website can become a great resource for families who are relocating.

We developed School Website that includes:

  • School Updates - intra and inter-school events, announcements of upcoming parent-teacher conferences, and holidays.
  • Educational Resources - electronic books, teaching aids, journals and links to other useful websites, teaching materials & lesson plans.
  • Interaction Opportunities - electronic discussion forums & blogs.
  • Family-School Connections - classroom WebPages, information about homework and suggestions on how parents can help at home. Photographs & diaries from school trips (with parents permission).
  • Encourage feedback/communication from children and parents via a moderated visitors book
  • Provide important and useful information about the school, its staff and its governors
  • Provide contact details and email contact to the school's administration
  • Distribute newsletters, school brochures and other documents
  • Set up a mailing list to allow text copies of newsletters and other announcements to be emailed directly to subscribers
  • Provide class and club pages for children and teachers to develop
  • Provide quick and easy curriculum linked worksheets for lessons and homework (even interactive worksheets)
  • Allow interactive learning using curriculum based educational games
  • Provide downloadable teaching and learning resources in a Staff Zone